Stefani Cornejo
Personal Branding Final
About Me
I am 22 year old Aquarius and a senior at Hofstra University graduating with a BA In Public Relations with a minor In Psychology. I am Guatemalan and Puerto Rican and the first in my family to graduate. I have always been a commuter student, so I was not really engaged In Hofstra's student life (nor was I Interested sorry.) After I graduate, I am Interested In working In PR Agencies for the Beauty Industry.

  • Goofy
  • Witty
  • Creative
  • Speak Spanish
  • Tech-savy
  • Makeup/skincare lover
    Most Used Apps
    Don't post much, more for communicating with friends daily.
    My main social for news feed, and for entertainment.
    I don't use everyday, I check it when someone usually sends me a DM.
    I use this app when my attention span isn't feeling as short.
    Brand Guide
    SWOT Analysis
    • Strengths
      • strong communication skills
      • pretty creative
      • great work ethics (always on time, going above & beyond)
      • critical thinker
    • Weaknesses
      • knowledge in SEO/UGC
      • limited experience in field
      • managing priorities
      • lack of industry knowledge
    • Opportunites
      • internships/jobs in PR
      • networking/connections
      • specializing in certain PR fields
      • working with global brands
    • Threats
      • finding a good job after school
      • industry competition
      • pay
    A quick view at some of my post proud projects I've worked on
    Rebranding project on Sephora
    Infographic on Sephora (data)
    Brand Infographic
    editorial calender for sephora
    Lululemon Brand Guide
    Facebook Ad mockup for Sephora
    Facebook Ad Mockup