From the Top of Your Phone to the Top of Your Heart
My name is David. I do a whole mess of stuff as a...
Director of content strategy • humor writer • new dad
Don't take yourself seriously.
Do take your job seriously.
“You made it this far! Keep scrolling. Maybe follow me on Twitter while you're at it. Or don't... I'm just a pull quote, what do I know about click-through rates?"

About David Henne
A Brief History From Birth to Now • 1983-Present
Born, attend school, wear an embarrassing amount of Joop cologne
BA — SUNY New Paltz, English Liberal Arts
MA — University of Warwick, Writing
after graduating with my BA I travel to the UK to study writing/the Scotch Egg
Meet my wife, Susan
speech pathologist and a very, very patient person
We meet in Long Beach, NY. I introduce myself through dance. She doesn't speak to me for three months afterward.
Copywriter — ZE Creative Communications
Web Editor — St. Joseph's College
first two jobs out of college are PR-based, focused on content creation
Specialize in PR for local school districts, government and municipalities. DO NOT specialize in bringing my own lunch. Disposable income is reduced to ash.
Director of Content Strategy — Hofstra
Apply personal voice to all aspects of content creation, PR, marketing, and social management while collaborating with some of the most creative young minds in the region.

Ok, but how do we know this David Henne isn't some crazed website builder who has fun at work?
Hmmm... that's a good point.
Maybe something like an embedded Instagram feed or...
Yes, brilliant idea! Behold: work Instagram!
Hight Quality
Telly Award Winning Creator
Fair Media Council Award Winning Writer
Consistent Creation
Over 10 years of original, compelling and creative content that evolves w. the market
Collaborative Leader
Leading with contributions from teammates, whether students, faculty or admins
In my own passions and with my career, always taking the first step to new grounds
Socializing Like A Boss
Connect with me on social and discover what being a David Henne is really all about.
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